Expert Witness Services for Corporate and Institutional Trust Matters

expert-witness-trust-matters.jpgMr. Reser serves as an expert witness for corporate trust matters. This includes retirement plan trustee and independent fiduciary for ERISA violation claims. In addition, Mr. Reser has testified in corporate trust matters involving debt finance and secutritizations that involve examining trustee, indenture trustee, owner trustee, co-trustee, master trustee, successor trustee, paying agent, registrar, corporate custodian, escrow agent, administrative agent and administrator standards of the following types of financings: municipal bonds, corporate bonds, securitizations, project finance, structured finance, corporate escrows, liquidation trusts, master trusts and trust preferred securities.

Having over 30 years working experience in the management, administration, marketing, sales and operations of major bank corporate trust departments as well as at a registered advisory firm, he has served as expert witness for a number of legal cases and suits examining the duties and responsibilities that accompany the capacities within the various types of retirement plans and corporate financings listed above.